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Re: GSBN:GSBN, Home Power, and more

You've hopefully seen my call for submissions on the GSBN list by now.

-----I saw the posting - liked its detail.

 To date it's netted exactly zero response! I don't think there's any way to
do this job but to approach people individually, with an assignment already
in mind. Otherwise, I don't think anybody has the time to focus on TLS,
despite such general reminders. Luckily, non-GSBN interest and offers are
starting to roll in. I'll put my mind to thinking of some specific requests
from GSBN members today. Perhaps you could do the same and let me know what
you think?

------Well, the response is not surprising and follows tradition.  I agree
contacts to individuals asking for specific articles is probably the only
way copy will come in.  Could you let me know more about the non-GSBN
interest and offers you are receiving - maybe forwarding them to me so I get
an idea of who and what and when.

------I'll give some thought to articles that might be elicited from GSBN
members.  I think most of the GSBN members feel more comfortable discussing
topics or concerns, design or methods within that group.  So, it might be
possible to "plant" some questions and ask for their input and from this
dialogue we may develop articles and an idea of what their focus is.  They
need to remain involved, even if they aren't contributing directly.  I'll
try to also give this some thought and go back through my notes for ideas of
the types of concerns/issues, details/methods I've gathered from various
sources over the years and see where we can go with that approach.

> I've been thinking a lot about the TLS move toward advertising. Have you
> seen Home Power Magazine? I've been a regular subscriber for a long time,
> and they've managed to move into being quite a sizable and successful mag,
> but have done so on the strength of reader-written articles as the main
> content, supplemented by regular features by "experts". I think it's a
> pretty good model of how to stay relevant and be a commercial project at
> the same time. I'm guessing that there are a lot of companies that would be
> interested in TLS advertising, and to be honest, the ads in Home Power are
> as important to me as a reader as the copy! This usually isn't the case,
> but in Home Power, the ads are a vital source of information in a field
> that's narrow and difficult to research. Hopefully TLS's ads can be the
> same.

------Yes, I've seen Home Power magazine and have been looking at several
others for format and content, advertising and other ideas. I think that's
where we are headed. I've worked up a layout/format draft as a starting
point to modifying TLS once it's transferred.  I'll share that with you soon
- want to review it again before I share it.
Thanks for your input, ideas and efforts.  We're working toward the same
goal - there's lots to do to get there, but we will get there!!!