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Re: GSBN:GSBN, Home Power, and more

Oops... sorry about that! I didn't mean to post my letter to Joyce to the
list (obviously), but at least now you all have some insight into the
exciting kind of correspondence that goes on behind-the-scenes at TLS!

Actually, that was probably a good one to let slip to the list. We're all friends and co-conspiritors here, so I think we can all be honest with each other. If TLS can't get articles, that concerns me too, and should probably concern most of us on this list.

I do agree that it'll generally work best to approach someone directly and *ask* them to cover a specific topic. Everyone's busy, but if asked I think most would step up to the plate if they're able.

Personally, I don't know what in the SB world I'd write about that someone else couldn't cover better - unless y'all want to hear about the exciting world of hosting various straw related websites. I'll continue to give reports on the progress of the Straw Bale Building Registry, and would be happy to continue seeing it mentioned in TLS so it will continue to grow. I'm disappointed that most of the commercial places listed in the last issue *aren't* in the Registry yet, for instance - here's a collection of buildings that we all know about, and I have to guess that nobody thought to mention the Registry project to any of them in the course of doing the article. Perhaps we could ask for some volunteers willing to go through past issues and contact the various owners to ask them to list. As I've said before, I can't promote this thing all by myself, but it'll work if everyone spreads the word.

Sorry for going off on the tangent there, but I feel that it's an underutilized resource that could become an excellent tool for the SB movement if we're able to collect enough data.

As for articles, Leonard Jones wrote an excellent outline of the process of building any home on 1/4/02 to the Crest strawbale list. It could easily be tweaked for print, and I think it would be an extremely valuable. It's almost all good, solid, voice of experience advice.

Bill Christensen

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