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Re: GSBN:GSBN, Home Power, and more

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Let's just say that life and its little mishaps has its way of
working its game.
Personaly I'n neither offended nor watching until a cat fals
out of the tree. I'm happy both of you are cooperating and
bringing your new energy into the Last Straw.

I too am a little surprised no articles came from this group of
interesting and often experienced group of people. Maybe we are
all already up too our ears in 'work', I know I am. But as you
both suggest, there must be a way to tap into the GSBN. The SB
movement will miss something dear if it can not.

Just as a suggestion, maybe it is time to let go of the 'theme'
strategy a little. But integrate some of the mailing-list
attitude of writing in TLS.

As Chris did in his last email; launch an idea, observation or
question and evoke the reader&#8217;s (be it GSBN or TLS reader)
response per email.

Would anyone in this group like to write on what is challenging
you at the moment? What is your work and what are your finding
and questions?

For someone on this lists (and why not Chris and Joyce) it
could be a feasible job to collect interesting messages that
flow through mailing lists as the GSBN, ESBN and Crest as well
as some others I don&#8217;t follow at the moment (do I hear COB?).
In this day of information overflow it is so nice to have a
filter here and there. So ask the writers if you can use those
interesting articles that ARE posted, rather than 'asking me
write on a theme that just is not my theme at this point in my
So TLS can add a few pages of articles just copied of the web.
Let&#8217;s be honest, just a collection of Rob Tom&#8217;s emails on the
Crest list, does not only teach a great deal, but would also be
most amusing. And if the email is well written, it is OK to
take it somewhat out of the context.

I'll write one the the present situation in France and the
difference between what I see happening in the US and France.


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