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GSBN:The hornet's nest!

Hello GSBN,

I want to thank you all for the sudden flurry of activity my mis-posted
message seems to have inspired! My personal embarrassment seems to have
been a worthy price to pay...

Many of you have responded with excellent ideas, leads and suggestions,
which I will follow up.

In my original postings to GSBN, I suggested that rather than keep asking
all of you to write articles for TLS yourselves, I was looking for advice,
direction and contacts. I realize that everybody on this list is busy, and
I want to make it my business as editor to do the actual writing and/or
commissioning of articles, not yours. But in a movement as wacky and
far-flung as sb, I'm hoping we can make like an octopus, with the GSBN
acting as the clever, all-reaching, all-knowing tentacles that throw scraps
and tidbits back to the squishy, gelatin-brained centre at TLS...

Having flattered myself with that description, I await whatever's stuck to
your suckers at the moment!



Chris Magwood / Camel's Back Straw Bale Construction