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GSBN:Re: SB Registry

Thanks for your comments and plea, Bill.  Your suggestions about the sb 
registry are excellent and we'll try to follow-up and work to make the
registry a valuable resource, and hope everyone else will, too!

Joyce Coppinger

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>Subject: Re: GSBN:GSBN, Home Power, and more
>Date: Sat, Feb 23, 2002, 5:33 PM

>>Oops... sorry about that! I didn't mean to post my letter to Joyce to the
>>list (obviously), but at least now you all have some insight into the
>>exciting kind of correspondence that goes on behind-the-scenes at TLS!
> Actually, that was probably a good one to let slip to the list.
> We're all friends and co-conspiritors here, so I think we can all be
> honest with each other.   If TLS can't get articles, that concerns me
> too, and should probably concern most of us on this list.
> I do agree that it'll generally work best to approach someone
> directly and *ask* them to cover a specific topic.  Everyone's busy,
> but if asked I think most would step up to the plate if they're able.
> Personally, I don't know what in the SB world I'd write about that
> someone else couldn't cover better - unless y'all want to hear about
> the exciting world of hosting various straw related websites.  I'll
> continue to give reports on the progress of the Straw Bale Building
> Registry, and would be happy to continue seeing it mentioned in TLS
> so it will continue to grow.  I'm disappointed that most of the
> commercial places listed in the last issue *aren't* in the Registry
> yet, for instance - here's a collection of buildings that we all know
> about, and I have to guess that nobody thought to mention the
> Registry project to any of them in the course of doing the article.
> Perhaps we could ask for some volunteers willing to go through past
> issues and contact the various owners to ask them to list.  As I've
> said before, I can't promote this thing all by myself, but it'll work
> if everyone spreads the word.
> Sorry for going off on the tangent there, but I feel that it's an
> underutilized resource that could become an excellent tool for the SB
> movement if we're able to collect enough data.
> As for articles, Leonard Jones wrote an excellent outline of the
> process of building any home on 1/4/02 to the Crest strawbale list.
> It could easily be tweaked for print, and I think it would be an
> extremely valuable.  It's almost all good, solid, voice of experience
> advice.
> BC
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