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Re: GSBN:The hornet's nest!

Would you please share with me the reactions, suggestions, leads and ideas
you received from your "misguided" posting to GSBN last week.  It would be
helpful for me, too, to know what the advisory committee is thinking and how
they responded!!  If you could do this on a regular basis it would be
helpful to me - I need to be in the same loop as you if we are to be a team,
don't you think?  I am only trying to establish a dialogue with you as well
as with the rest of the group.  I'm glad this turned into something
positive, but encourage you to be thoughtful and cautious in your postings,
as I previously noted.


>From: Chris Magwood cmagwood@...
>To: "GSBN" GSBN@...
>Subject: GSBN:The hornet's nest!
>Date: Sun, Feb 24, 2002, 9:42 PM

> Hello GSBN,
> I want to thank you all for the sudden flurry of activity my mis-posted
> message seems to have inspired! My personal embarrassment seems to have
> been a worthy price to pay...
> Many of you have responded with excellent ideas, leads and suggestions,
> which I will follow up.
> In my original postings to GSBN, I suggested that rather than keep asking
> all of you to write articles for TLS yourselves, I was looking for advice,
> direction and contacts. I realize that everybody on this list is busy, and
> I want to make it my business as editor to do the actual writing and/or
> commissioning of articles, not yours. But in a movement as wacky and
> far-flung as sb, I'm hoping we can make like an octopus, with the GSBN
> acting as the clever, all-reaching, all-knowing tentacles that throw scraps
> and tidbits back to the squishy, gelatin-brained centre at TLS...
> Having flattered myself with that description, I await whatever's stuck to
> your suckers at the moment!
> Chris
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