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RE: GSBN:The hornet's nest!

Dear Chris,

It's not always easy to respond specifically as detailing varies so much.

Foundations in the Netherlands in some regions could be compared with those
in Venetia. Central Station in Amsterdam rests on thousands of wodden
pillars. However straw-bale structures are comparible light-footed we use
reports on the structural properties of the grounds. They can vary a lot!
Than we calculate weight of the structure, tensions caused by windpower
(tonight we expect an "unperfect" storm with 120/mk/h) and calculate the
measurements of the footing according the design. And as Barbara says, they
demand less strengths as traditional buildings.
Curiosities: I've seen a conventional structure on recycled glass elements,
a swimming option. Today a student phoned up with an illumnious idea using
air-cussions underneath the walls. In this case I just need to anker myself,
especially tonight.

Courage and success with TLS,


PS: this "European" sb-list recently is currently inflated by viruses. Don't
use it without protection.

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Van: GSBN [mailto:GSBN@...]Namens Chris Magwood
Verzonden: maandag 25 februari 2002 4:43
Onderwerp: GSBN:The hornet's nest!

Hello GSBN,

I want to thank you all for the sudden flurry of activity my mis-posted
message seems to have inspired! My personal embarrassment seems to have
been a worthy price to pay...

Many of you have responded with excellent ideas, leads and suggestions,
which I will follow up.

In my original postings to GSBN, I suggested that rather than keep asking
all of you to write articles for TLS yourselves, I was looking for advice,
direction and contacts. I realize that everybody on this list is busy, and
I want to make it my business as editor to do the actual writing and/or
commissioning of articles, not yours. But in a movement as wacky and
far-flung as sb, I'm hoping we can make like an octopus, with the GSBN
acting as the clever, all-reaching, all-knowing tentacles that throw scraps
and tidbits back to the squishy, gelatin-brained centre at TLS...

Having flattered myself with that description, I await whatever's stuck to
your suckers at the moment!



Chris Magwood / Camel's Back Straw Bale Construction