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Re: GSBN:GSBN, Home Power, and more

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<font size=3>At 10:54 PM 2/24/02 -0600, you wrote: 
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>Don't feel like I was singling you
or TLS out with my exasperated sounding post.  I had just
thought/hoped/dreamed that more people would see the potential value and
would spread the word more quickly, and that we would have far more
listings by now.   Or at least that *someone* besides me would
point people to the registry - several of the prominant posters on the SB
list have forwarded "where can I find an SB in xxx" type posts
that they've received a number of times, and despite my repeated answers
they don't seem to get it.  
Mark P. &amp; I were constantly amazed that there seemed to be this gap
between good ideas and action -- even when it was in people's best
interest.   So this doesn't surprise me. 
But we just have to be persistent, and keep publicizing it till it
reaches critical mass. 
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite><blockquote type=cite class=cite cite><font size=3>Any
chance you could email me the text of the Leonard Jones article you
mention here?</blockquote> 
On its way, along with a response from Willy Williams that had some good
comments. </font></blockquote> 
Thanks -- good comments indeed!