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GSBN:Re:DE's:Long silence, but not for lack of interest

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Thanks to everyone on this list for their support of Chris Magwood and
Joyce Coppinger -- I know they are going to bring a lot of good ideas and
energy to TLS.   And I am more appreciative than anyone that
they are willing to pick up the TLS torch and carry it proudly. 
<font size=3>At 01:58 PM 2/24/02 -0500, David E wrote: 
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>I'm working on at the moment, and
create a little TLS file, wherein I  
will start ..........articles on the following topics:   
1. Developing a Straw Bale Subcontractor License Category with State
Registrars of Contractors. (I know that this may be mostly relevant to
the US audience and that I should have written this piece for the going
mainstream issue). ...... this IS the way the construction system in the
works and if we had straw bale subcontractors, general contractors would
be able and willing to take on sb projects within the legal and  
contractual system in which probably 90% of residential construction
takes place. .......... This is something that needs some real
leadership, that .....maybe someone or some group of  
people are out there waiting for the opportunity to step forward and such
an article might at least create a wider discussion about this
2. Alternative Building and the Codes - Where We Are and Where We're
Going.  I think its probably time to revisit this topic, both for sb
codes and for the larger work that we are doing and some of the emerging
possibilities for change.......</font></blockquote> 
Hi David--   
Thanks for replying to the list -- we all appreciate the work you do and
the levels you work on.... 
And, these articles you propose sound very appropriate to the TLS winter
2002 issue, which Chris and Joyce are planning to focus on 
"Red Tape"  -- the deadline for articles is Oct
1st.   Not to give you a deadline, but a suggested