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GSBN:Thoughts on a wednesday.

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Sitting in London, on my annual un-plugged inspirational spring-input adventure, reading all the wise words and thoughtful comments, I want to add to the debate, that The Last Straw has been and is very appreciated in Denmark. I can of course only talk on behalf of the plus 50 Danish subscribers, which I do though.
    You obviously do not know, particularly since we are so silent - both on this list and in regard to TLS. But TLS is amongst our main resources. Both when dealing with authorities, owner-builders, ourselves...

Having considered many times, though you would probably say not enough, whether to post this following feeling or not, I have decided to do it.
I allow myself to do it, because I think I know enough of you well enough for you to not suspect me of writing something "between the lines".

Reading David Eisenbergs comment that 

"The great thing about the sb whole movement has been the fact that there are people willing to step up and take on the work in the commons. ... We shouldn't take it for granted however - it is gift and a blessing for which we should be openly thankful!"

made it for me clear, that it is important to speak out about the obvious.
      The networking, sharing, working in the commons, supporting without taking away responsibility... These are all qualities characterizing the sb-movement. 
And hereby injecting into young newcomers like myself a potential immunity towards ignorance, stupidity, greed and last but not least carelesnes. 
These being qualities characterizing the way by wich our democratically elected governers apparently have decided to carve the international future.
      I just want to thank you for being who you are, and doing what you are doing. If I had not met you it would have be a lot more difficult believing in the good future.

Yours sincerely
Lars Keller