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Re: GSBN:Making the Monthly Help File even more helpful

The inimitable Rob Tom wrote:

I know that there's a GSBN List archives and I know where it is but I'll be danged if'n I can remember the password which is necessary to allow one access the archives. (One too many puckshots to the head in my youth ?)

I suspect that there may be others who are in my situation so I thought that it might be useful to make mention of the existence of/the location of/the password to the List archives in the "Monthly Help File".

Good suggestion


The monthly Help file that goes out to *subscribers* will now include a line telling you that

Archives of the discussion can be found at http://SustainableSources.com/GSBNarchives/ . The ID = "straw" and the password = "bale".

(the help file that goes out to spammers and other curious hangers-on does not include these details, of course).

Bill Christensen

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