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Re: GSBN:re: [paille] Contreventemnt maison paille

<x-rich>>Do we have a system of bracing with tension cables-wires

>Do we have a system of bracing by the internal panels


>Personably I would like to add:

>What do we know (in technical detail) about the crossbracing capacity
of SB so we can at least try to persuade the engineers we don't need
any additional bracing. Within what limits 

>can the SB do the work? We are talking post and beam, not


Kris Dick, of the University of Manitoba, has been doing a bunch of
testing on these issues lately. I know that he has specified a wire
cross-bracing system for a couple of our projects (TLS #34 has a
sketch), but has also put a lot of work into researching the
cross-bracing effect of plastered sb walls. He has generated some
numbers that are very positive, and might help convince your

The EBNet Conference CD-ROM has a good article, Straw Bale Shear Wall
Lateral Load Test, California Polytechnic State University, December,
2000, By Jason Nichols &Stan Raap, which may be of help to you too.




<center>Chris Magwood / Camel's Back Straw Bale Construction