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re: Re: GSBN:re: [paille] Contreventemnt maison paille

<x-charset ISO-8859-1>Dear Chris and Jeff,

Thanks for your input. Do you have contact addresses?

> Kris Dick, of the University of Manitoba,

> The EBNet Conference CD-ROM has a good article, Straw Bale Shear Wall
> Lateral Load Test, California Polytechnic State University, December, 2000,
> By Jason Nichols &Stan Raap, which may be of help to you too.

Since I'm no engineer I've always wondered when we do or don't need to add extra cross bracing. Loadbearing SB walls have cross bracing capacities because if they did not there would not be Nebraska SB homes, but how much of the cross bracing of the straw can be utilized in a post and beam structure? Sure, we can always add extra cross bracing, but as always I'm hesitant to do so before I feel sure it is needed.

I'm contemplating launching an effort to get SB accepted by the French building codes. Known here as the CSTB.
For that I would like to start with a 100 m² (roughly 1000 sqft) model SB home, trusses + light post and beam with a screw down method as used by the Steens. 
But before we start shopping for subventions to finance a program to pass the CSTB I would like to be sure about this cross bracing thing. Then again, we could start of with some numbers from the tests or your gestimates and then have tests done here in France. 

In April I'll be going to Brussels, home of the European Union to see if anything can be done on a European level, rather than country per country. 

Suggestions and advice or other help are always welcome!

Greetings from a cool but lovely sunny day in France,

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