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Re: GSBN:re: [paille] Contreventemnt maison paille

Jeff Ruppert wrote:

> The test report that Chris mention, fom Cal Poly, is the best one to date.
> The walls failed at over 4000 pounds per linear foot.

Everyone needs to know and understand that those were very special walls.
They didn't just have cement-based plaster, but had very special edge
connections for the heavy mesh -- bolt heads at four inches on center
projecting above the wood frame (and into the plaster), and lots of staples.
They were, in other words, designed to be super-strong walls, and do NOT
mimic what people usually build.

An ordinary cement-plastered wall with light mesh will break at 1200 to 1500
pounds per linear foot;  most engineers would apply a safety factor of four
and use, say, 300 pounds per linear foot.  That is exactly what we are about
to get codified in California.

If you're not in a seismic area, you could probably use a higher number
(like 500 plf), because wind is not as hard on walls as earthquakes are.
But then, if you don't have earthquakes, you won't need much strength.

greetings to all from sunny, flowery California in Spring,

Bruce King

PS:  the straw bale testing program, after a lot of fussing about, is
finally getting into gear.  Sometime in the next few weeks I will write an
update on what tests we'll be doing, and post that to the EBNet website
(www.ecobuildnetwork.org), and send a copy to The Last Straw.