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RE: GSBN:re: [paille] Contreventemnt maison paille

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Bonjour Andre - Simon,

pre-compressing the top-plate with 5t-belts works well for compact walls.
Hitting the walls, they will "sing", the soundwaves move through the wall.
With loose bales you don't receive that quality, something the French
engineers might be afraid of. Attaching the top-plate at the post and beam
structure keeps the walls compact. Than you can remove the compression
belts. Results: less airgaps, easier shaving and less stucco. The Ouwerkerk
house matched easily 8 tons windloads and performance of even more compact
walls have improved since than.

Attractive and easy comprehensible is also Tom Rijvens system: post -
strawbale - post - etc. screwing a bar between the posts to keep the
strawbale on spot, cut the strings and continue...

Jan Steenks and myself tried strings instead of a bar which works well too
and in a different form: post - strawbale - post - etc + precompression on
the total length of the wall which works excitingly well. If Simons
engineers are interested in exchange of experiences, detailed plans would be
appreciated. Bracing or not depends on the design and the choosen technique.

If you think in terms of pre-fab elements you might get in touch with
Herbert Gruber.

Salut, Martin Oehlmann

Werkgroep Strobouw Den Haag

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Onderwerp: GSBN:re: [paille] Contreventemnt maison paille

Bonjour Samuel,
Je passe tes questions aux reseau mondial de Constr en Ballots de paille.
Corrige moi si mon traduction n'est pas correct.

and Hi GSBN

Samuel Cougey, an active SB and hemp builder/teacher here in France has a
few questions concerning bracing SB walls. Samuel is getting into a project
where the engineers want to see some bracing other than the SB. They want to
work with a sort of prefabricated system. Samuels' engineers questions are:
Do we have a system of bracing with tension cables-wires
Do we have a system of bracing by the internal panels

Personably I would like to add:
What do we know (in technical detail) about the crossbracing capacity of SB
so we can at least try to persuade the engineers we don't need any
additional bracing. Within what limits
can the SB do the work? We are talking post and beam, not loadbearing.

You will find the orriginal french message below

> Pagnoz, Jura, le 25.02.2002
> A l'origine d'un double projet expérimental bois/paille et bois/chanvre
> sera suivit par des scientifiques français dans le but de mieux connaître
> ces techniques, nous cherchons à gérer le contreventement de la maison
> paille.
> Si en auto-construction (ou gérer directement par un charpentier), cela ne
> nous pose pas de gros soucis, sur un projet regardé et dissequé par tout
> tas d'ingénieurs, il faut une solution logique pour les calculs, et,
> facilement reproductible.
> Un premier système type poteaux/poutres a été proposé par un cabinet
> d'ingénieurie suisse mais il est lourd et couteux. Pour proposer une
> alternative, des retours d'exepiences me serait d'un grand recour:
> -Avez vous des exemples de contreventements par cables tendus?
> -Avez vous des exemples de contreventements par panneaux intérieurs?
> La filière bois locale s'intéresse au projet mais souhaite qu'on lui
> un système plus préfabricable. Avez vous des expériences ou connaissez
> des exemples ou photos de panneaux bois/paille préfabriqués?
> Merci d'avance
> Samuel COURGEY

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