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GSBN:List of SB testing reports

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I'm trying to make a comprehensive list of all the tests that have been done on SB. And I  
would like to aquire a copy of all the reports that have been written on them. 

Your help to get the list complete and to find the contact information to get/buy the reports  
(including those mentioned below) will be greatly apreciated.

I did visit DCAT's website, but did not find any reports on testing to download. 

So far I have listed:

Chris Magwood wrote:
Kris Dick, of the University of Manitoba, has been doing a bunch of testing 
on these issues lately. I know that he has specified a wire cross-bracing 
system for a couple of our projects (TLS #34 has a sketch), but has also 
put a lot of work into researching the cross-bracing effect of plastered sb 
walls. He has generated some numbers that are very positive, and might help 
convince your engineers. 

Chris Magwood wrote:
The EBNet Conference CD-ROM has a good article, Straw Bale Shear Wall 
Lateral Load Test, California Polytechnic State University, December, 2000, 
By Jason Nichols &Stan Raap

John Daglish wrote:
Summary of Results of a Structural Straw Bale Testing Program based on a Masters thesis  
by Ghailene Bou-Ali. This is for a bale wall without render and centre pinned bale wall 
with thread rod pre-tensioning system. 

John Glassford wrote:
Yesterday Mike Faine collected some Ganmain soil and Ganmain chaff to take back to the  
University of Western Sydney. Mike and his team are about to commence a series of 
structural load bearing tests using earth renders with a lime putty finish. 

John Glassford wrote:
I carried out some tests on a sound studio that we built in Sydney a few years ago. The  
results were sent to the Archives. 

Catherine Wanek wrote:
the New Mexico fire test results, of a successful 2-hour SB test to ASTM standards... 

Catherine Wanek wrote:
a relatively new SB "Flame spread and Smoked developed fire test" was done last year and  
the results are very good. These have just been posted to the DCAT (Development Center  
for Appropriate Technology) website at: <A HREF=http://www.dcat.net >www.dcat.net </A>so you can download them if needed
<A HREF=http://www.azstarnet.com/~dcat/ >http://www.azstarnet.com/~dcat/ </A>

Lars Keller wrote:
On April 5th (2001) the Danish Fire Technical Institute will undertake two tests

Herbert Gruber wrote:
Our project, financed by the Austrian Ministry for Traffic, Technology and 
Innovation and in cooperation with GrAT (Group for Appropriate Technology at 
the University of Technology in Vienna) is finished: 

Herbert Gruber wrote:
Concerning a full scale fire test for a straw bale building it was interesting for me to visit the  
report and video-presentation of Dr. Vahik Enjily from the Centre for Timber Technology  
and Construction, Building Research Establishment, UK (BRE: <A HREF=http://www.bre.co.uk)>www.bre.co.uk)</A> in Vienna.
BRE built a six story timber and frame building in a hangar and made a lot of (full-scale-)fire  
tests under regular circumstances. The results are gathered in a study and are very interesting,  
I think.
Now I believe (even when you build loadbearing) fire performance of strawbale houses is  
similar to timber & frame constructions because of the similar material (cellulose). Even our  
strawbale-wall-firetest (90 min. fire resistance for a plastered strawbale wall) showed results  
that are similar to other (insulated) timber and frame construction-fire tests, we know of. If  
you are interested, I could send you a copy of the study of BRE, or you wait ´til it is  
published online.

Hannes Hohensinner wrote:
GrAT is going to continue offical testing and will apply for certificates in sound insulation.  
Furthermore, with the errection of a demonstration building, the 
socalled S-House, next year, long term tests of all relevant parameters will be started and the  
results of these tests will be disseminated, for example through the 

Hannes Hohensinner wrote:
As offical tests and certificates are very important to convince officals and reduce prejudices  
we are planning to collect all available tests and certificates and put 
them on our homepage (<A HREF=http://www.grat.tuwien.ac.at)>www.grat.tuwien.ac.at)</A> to make them available for all straw bale  

<B>I received copies of:</B>
Bruce King:
Ecomaterials Paper

John Glassford:

Mike Faine:
A Pilot Study examining the Strength, Compressibility and Serviceability of Rendered Straw  
Bale Walls for Two Storey Load Bearing Construction.

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