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GSBN: Digest for 3/16/02

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-> Re: The Nature of Things Not Off Topic/Maybe Just a wee bit.
     by Huff 'n' Puff Constructions huffnpuff@...


Date: 16 Mar 2002 20:43:14 -0600
From: Huff 'n' Puff Constructions huffnpuff@...
Subject: Re: The Nature of Things Not Off Topic/Maybe Just a wee bit.

G ' day Balers

Just watched a programme called The Nature of Things Race
Against Time narrated by David Suzuki and featuring Stephen
Lewis The United Nations General Secretary's Special Envoy
for AIDS in Africa a Canadian chap I believe, seems a decent
sort of cove.

I have called SBS who put the programme on in Australia and
asked them if I could get a tape of the show, they could not
help me and put me on to the Canadian Broadcasting's web
site.  However the web site is a few months behind the
programme we saw here.

Would any Canadians on the list know how I can get a copy of
the programme?

You see the programme has had an enormous effect on both My
Little Wolverine and myself.  We new things were crook in
Africa especially my birth place and first home, Kenya.
However we did not expect what we saw.

Some time ago a young lady called Jolien from the
Netherlands got in touch with us via Catherine Wanek, Jolien
wrote to us about Mama Amelia and introduced us to Datje who
was in South Africa and has a video of Amelia and her
amazing work looking after 150 orphans about an hour from
Cape Town.

Amelia needs a straw bale orphanage or strawphanage.  MLW
and I have agreed to help Jolien and Datje help Amelia get a
strawphanage.  Rotary International District 9700 based in
Wagga Wagga and led by a Dr Ray King have agreed for us to
do a presentation to their meeting in April.  Ray King has
said that  he feels that the strawphanage is a project that
they would like to get behind as it fits their charter.

So if any of you want to learn about Amelia:


http://www.amelia.de/zeitung1.htm  this is the newspaper
article in English.

So if any of you on this list can help me take Amelia's
strawphanage further we can form an E-task force off list
and see what support we can garner from around the world of
straw and beyond.  I know that I have posted a story on
Amelia before and Joe Kennedy supplied me with some concrete
leads and the time has now come for me to do something to
start the ball rolling and Rotary International may be the
way to go.  So any contacts, ideas, resources that are
lurking out there in straw cyberspace I would appreciate the
feed back.  Any South Africans out there who might be able
to get in touch with their local branch of Rotary

The goal is to start building for Amelia after the
International Straw Bale Conference 2002, from now on known
as the SB Corroboree.  In fact it may be a good idea to get
Amelia over here for the Corroboree and maybe, just maybe
DE, Matts and Judy, Bill and Athena, Rob Tom et al will be
here to meet Amelia and we can plan her strawphanage with
her.  Well you can only go as high as your dreams.  Maybe
Beel and family could bring Emiliano Lopez of Casas que
Cantan fame with them to teach us mob how to build something
very beautiful with nothing but earth and straw, now
wouldn't that be something.

Maybe Builders Without Borders and Rotary
Maybe Casas que Cantan can start singing around the world or
maybe they already have?

Anyway seeing that you mob up north are truly out of
hibernation going by the 20-30 posts a day on side ways 2
storey load bearing bales in Canada, maybe you would like to
keep chating and see if we can do something for Amelia, off
list is fine by me.

Thanks for thine ears and I do not often ask this list for
something that may make some us feel a wee bit uncomfortable
or out of our comfort zones but I just cannot do this on my
own and I am calling up a big favour I know.

Warmest salaams

The Straw Wolf
61 2 6927 6027


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