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GSBN: Digest for 3/20/02

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-> Re: GSBN:List of SB testing reports
     by Mark Piepkorn duckchow@...


Date: 20 Mar 2002 10:41:01 -0600
From: Mark Piepkorn duckchow@...
Subject: Re: GSBN:List of SB testing reports

At 09:53 AM 3/14/02, you wrote:
I'm trying to make a comprehensive list of all the tests that have been 
done on SB.

	There happens to be a convergence of my being in the same place as my SB 
literature stash, and having my computer with me, and there being a phone 
line available. So I will attempt to be useful for a change. Note that this 
isn't a comprehensive list; it's just (most if not all of) the testing 
stuff that I've collected.

	(Y'know, I find myself feeling more and more that none of this testing 
stuff really matters all that much. To me, anyway.)

- -----

A Straw Bales/Mortar House Demonstration Project
1986,  by Louis Gagne
Available from CMHC http://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/
Contains, among other things, results of a thermal-flow test that most 
rational people seem to feel is flawed or jimmied. I'm not necessarily 
rational, but I am skeptical of the report.

Developing and Proof-Testing the "Prestressed Nebraska" Method for Improved 
Production of Bale Fibre Housing
1995, by Fibrehouse Limited with Scanada Consultants Limited
Available from CMHC http://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/
Some data from tests performed on the specific technique given in the title.

Setting the Standards for Straw Bale Construction
1998, by ?
Contact somebody from CASBA.
A summary of R-Value testing, including the most recent guarded hot box 
tests on which the California Energy Commission based its nominal R-value 
for SB.

Straw Bale Construction Research Project at Portland Community College
Ongoing, by PCC Engineering Technology Students and Volunteers
Contact Joanna Karl, jkarl@...
Datalogging moisture levels in the walls.

Evaluation of a Straw Bale Composite Wall
1998, Bale Built Inc
Contact Joe Allen, 208-799-1285
Lots of info on a specific technique that uses a lot of steel, the likes of 
which I don't think has a lot to recommend it.

Transverse Load Test and Small Scale E-119 Fire Test on Uncoated Straw Bale 
Wall Panels and Stucco Coated Straw Bale Wall Panels
1993, by SHB Agra, Inc
Contact Catherine Wanek to purchase copies

Straw Bale Exterior Pinning Report
Undated, by Sustainability International
Contact Bob Bolles to purchase copies - bbolles@...
Engineering results on a rebar-exterior-pinning system which gained 
approval from the Tucson/Pima County building department.

Fire Comparison Test of Straw-use Wall Systems
1997, by Birkani Architects
Contact Erem Birkan to purchase copies - www.baleblock.com
Not-particularly-scientific results of a planned fire involving a number of 
different wall systems.

Summary of Results of a Structural Straw Bale Testing Program Based on a 
Master's Thesis by Ghailene Bou-Ali
1993, by David Eisenberg with Matts Myrhman and Judy Knox
I think Catherine Wanek might sell these, or David Eisenberg
The info on which was based the first SB code in the USA.

The Thermal Insulating Value of Straw Bales for Construction
1993, by Joseph McCabe
Contact Joe to purchase copies - energyi@...
His master's thesis.

Pilot Study of Moisture Control in Stuccoed Straw Bale Walls
1997, by Fibrehouse Limited
Available from CMHC http://www.cmhc-schl
A field examination of a number of aging Canadian strawbale structures.

Strawbale Moisture Monitoring Report
1998, by Rob Jolly
Available from CMHC http://www.cmhc-schl
Good stuff that needs critical consideration by the reader.

Moisture in Straw Bale Housing, Nova Scotia
1998, by S.H.E. Consultants
Possibly available from CMHC http://www.cmhc-schl
Moisture monitoring of Kim Thompson's pioneering SB house.

Straw Bale Moisture Sensor Study
undated, by unknown (perhaps Don Fugler himself, or Habib John Gonzalez)
Possibly available from CMHC http://www.cmhc-schl
Describes simple, low-cost moisture sensors for SB walls.

Straw Bale Wall Hot Box Tests Results and Analysis
undated, by Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Contact ORNL http://www.ornl.gov
Astonishingly bad R-value results revealing, among other things, that 
having air gaps between the plaster and bales can be mighty bad.

Bale Wall Compression Testing Program
Jeff Ruppert was in on this; I think it's the one he referenced

Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Straw Bales as the Relate to a Straw
1995, by TUNS
I think this is one that Catherine Wanek sells

Also see the TLS#31, the 2000 Resources issue, page 31 for additional 
listings. (Don't even bother with looking in TLS#35, 'cause it ain't there. 
"Updated and expanded" my ass.)



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