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GSBN: Digest for 3/27/02

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-> Straw Bale Association, Final Announcement
     by jeff@...


Date: 27 Mar 2002 16:50:07 -0600
From: jeff@...
Subject: Straw Bale Association, Final Announcement


This is going to be our final announcement for the upcoming Colorado Straw
Bale Association's first meeting.  If you need information about this
meeting, please visit www.odiseanet.com/strawco.htm.

We have had a great show of support from both our snail mailings and emails,
but we need more participation.  This notification is being sent to only a
few people along with the mailing lists, so please pass the word along.  We
cannot stress how important it is for everyone interested in straw bale
construction to attend.  This organization will be made by people like you!
We are only providing a place and time for people to meet so they can
determine how to proceed.  Please join us.  We hope to see you soon.

Thanks for your support.

Jeff Ruppert, P.E.
Odisea LLC
Ecological Building, Engineering and Design
2814 15th St.
Boulder, CO  80304
303.417.1629 fax


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