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Re: GSBN: John and Paul and Nehemiah

Hi all,

John Swearingen just joined the list.  Hi John!

I don't recall Paul having been on the list, but of course it makes sense to have him on. Shoot me his address so I can subscribe him.

Nehemiah hasn't responded yet...

Hello everyone,

I've been reviewing the GSBN list and, not seeing Nehemiah Stone and John
Swearingen on the list, I'd like to nominate them as members.

Joyce Coppinger

We discovered recently that Paul Lacinski was not connected as a member of
the GSBN list as he had been in the past, so we're now getting him back
online with GSBN.

Paul, would you please send a short bio with contact information to get us
updated about you and your work.  Thanks!

If any other members have not sent in a short bio since the last request or
at the time you were added to GSBN, would you please do so.  Just trying to
get everyone acquainted or reacquainted.

Joyce Coppinger

Bill Christensen

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