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GSBN:Compact/Inexpensive Temperature & Relative Humidity Sensor

This item might be of interest to the gizmologists/FungalFans amongst us.

From a cursory glance, it looks like a simple, reliable, inexpensive design
which will allow one to acquire accurate, simultaneous temperature & relative humidity readings from a herd of locations (ie @ the inside & outside skins of a SB wall and any number of points in between), something that heretofore had required our friends in the SB community [ie Shawna Henderson (aka the SeaBale Hag-with-the-amazing-spore-sniffing-snout), Habib Gonzalez (mad bush pilot/ringleader of the Merry Mud Men) , (the sartorially-resplendent) Rob Jolly] a whole lot of futzing around in order to accomplish in their moisture-monitoring/data-gathering adventures back in the Olde Days of the previous millennium.

The individual, multi-function sensors appear to be no bigger than the tip of a pen and it appears that a hundred or more of them can be controlled by a ~$30 integrated circuit which then takes all the info and sends it to one's computer so that it can do the book-keeping. It may even make peanut butter and banana sandwiches too for all I know ?

And I'll bet that a hard-core gizmologist like the Derelict-in-the-Rough could find a way to cannibalise the platinum sensor parts from any one of the old 486's that he's using for doorstops. Me ? I have trouble just reading a thermometer.

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New Publications
Institute for Research in Construction
National Research Council Canada

Maref, W.; Tardiff, Y.; Booth, D.G. Assembly and Calibration of a Compact Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor, Internal Report, Institute for Research in Construction, National Research Council Canada, 849, pp. 50,2002 (IR-849)


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