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GSBN:Mortgage and Insurance

Hi folks,

Good news from the Straw Bale Building Registry department.

Today, as my wife was doing her volunteer duties answering queries
posted to the Straw Bale Association of Texas, she joined the many
others who ask "Who has insured and/or mortgaged straw bale

I guess it was the straw bale question that broke the camel's back...
So, in a couple hour's work, I tossed together a pair of pages that
list all of them that have been reported in the Registry.  It's still
a little rough, but hopefully this info will help some of you who are
nervous/curious about or otherwise needing such things.

The pages may take a moment or two to come up, as the most recent
data are pulled from the database each time.

See  http://sbregistry.sustainablesources.com/mortgage.straw
and  http://sbregistry.sustainablesources.com/insurance.straw

If you've already listed your straw bale building, please be sure we
have your mortgage and insurance company's names - and if possible,
address, phone, and contact person's name.

And hey, if you find the information helpful or otherwise want to
help support the project, please consider making a (US tax
deductible) donation - however large or small  - by credit card
online, or by check/money order made out to "NetWorks Productions"
and mailed to:

	 International Straw Bale Registry Project
	The Last Straw Journal
	 HC 66, Box 119
	 Hillsboro, New Mexico, 88042
Bill Christensen

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