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RE: GSBN:Mortgage and Insurance


This was a topic at the most recent CASBA meeting, and the best we could
tell people was that John Swearingen's inquiries/survey resulted in a
feeling that "there wasn't any problem."  Then, some attendees declared
that there still was for them.  
Thank you so much for doing this.  This helps with what I suspect is one of
the bigger market barriers that straw bale construction faces.  I know that
the mortgage was for me.

Thanks again!
Nehemiah Stone

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 > Date: 5/12/2002 12:25:56 AM
> Subject: GSBN:Mortgage and Insurance
> Hi folks,
> Good news from the Straw Bale Building Registry department.
> Today, as my wife was doing her volunteer duties answering queries
> posted to the Straw Bale Association of Texas, she joined the many
> others who ask "Who has insured and/or mortgaged straw bale
> buildings?".
> I guess it was the straw bale question that broke the camel's back...
> So, in a couple hour's work, I tossed together a pair of pages that
> list all of them that have been reported in the Registry.  It's still
> a little rough, but hopefully this info will help some of you who are
> nervous/curious about or otherwise needing such things.
> The pages may take a moment or two to come up, as the most recent
> data are pulled from the database each time.
> See  http://sbregistry.sustainablesources.com/mortgage.straw
> and  http://sbregistry.sustainablesources.com/insurance.straw
> If you've already listed your straw bale building, please be sure we
> have your mortgage and insurance company's names - and if possible,
> address, phone, and contact person's name.
> And hey, if you find the information helpful or otherwise want to
> help support the project, please consider making a (US tax
> deductible) donation - however large or small  - by credit card
> online, or by check/money order made out to "NetWorks Productions"
> and mailed to:
> 	 International Straw Bale Registry Project
> 	The Last Straw Journal
> 	 HC 66, Box 119
> 	 Hillsboro, New Mexico, 88042
> 	 USA
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