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GSBN: Digest for 5/28/02

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-> Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Cabin
     by "Martin Oehlmann" martin.oehlmann@...


Date: 28 May 2002 04:13:29 -0500
From: "Martin Oehlmann" martin.oehlmann@...
Subject: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Cabin

Dear friends,

Eva Hartmann from Germany (Ostheim vor der Rhoen) constructed a
transportable cabin for mcs patients. MCS patients suffer from environmental
pollution, are highly sensitive to lowest dosages and this cabin, built
ecologically sound seems to offer relief.

These cabins have a living space, shower, humus-toilette etc. and are

If you are interested contact Eva: hartmann@...

Eva is one of the supporting powers behind the Warmuth's straw-bale

Best wishes,

Martin Oehlmann


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