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GSBN:Resource Reviews for TLS

<x-rich><underline>The Last Straw Wants You to Be a Reviewer for Our Annual
Resource Issue</underline>

The annual Resources issue of The Last Straw is always our most popular
issue. This time around, we're looking for your input!

We'd like to highlight those resources which builders have found to be
most useful. If there's a book, report, video,website or other resource
that has been important to you, please let us know. We'll be publishing
readers' reviews as part of the listings, so this is your chance to
sound like one of those "back cover blurbs" and to help direct more
people to those resources that meant a lot to you!

Send your 50-word resource comments by June 30th to Chris Magwood at
<cmagwood@.... Be sure to include all the information for the
resource, so we can help others to find it once they read your glowing


Chris Magwood



<center>Chris Magwood / Camel's Back Straw Bale Construction