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GSBN:Re: Technical issues in China

 Robert  "Tom" Tom thus spoke :

> Leave it to the Unnecessarily Gizmologically Complexified Californicating
> Murricans (no offense intended of course) to design a $300 million gizmo to
> collect dust . . .
>  . . . Shouldn't you enginoids be furiously scratching your noggins to come up
> with more economical means by which fly ash can be taken out of the emmisions

On behalf of enginoids everywhere, I wish to thank Mr. Tom for his
thoughtful suggestion, and applaud his brilliant labor-increasing /
capital-saving invention for gathering smoke and selling it.

It beats me why it would take $300 million just to catch the dust, but I
guess it just does.  Believe me, those coal-fired power utilities would
spend less if they could, and undoubtedly spent some time trying to figure
out a cheaper way.  As I said, someone talk to the World Bank - this is
right up their alley.

just blowin' smoke,

Bruce King