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GSBN:Request to join GSBN

Bill Christensen wrote:

> I just got two requests to join the list today, one from Buddy
> Williams buddy@... (the name's not familiar to me, so I
> requested more info from him) and the one below from Tera Berland.
> I'll forward whatever I get back from Buddy to the list, unless
> someone specifically invited him.

Buddy is a very committed and talented green architect in Sim Van Der Ryn's
office in Sausalito, has been very active with CASBA, EBNet, and all things
straw-related, and is one of the funniest human beings I ever met, with the
possible exception of my distinguished colleague from Canada, Il Stronzo di

Here's one solid vote to admit Buddy Williams.

Bruce King, PE
Structural Engineering Design
and Director
Ecological Building Network (EBNet)
209 Caledonia Street
Sausalito, California    94965   USA
(415) 331-7630
fax (415) 332-4072