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Re: GSBN:more on fly ash, pozzolans


Thanks, this is very helpful. So here's another bullet for your list- it seems as if fly ash + lime = cement. This would mean that those of us in wettish climates who are concerned about maintaining maximum vapor permeability in lime plasters would be best off avoiding fly ash as a pozzolanic additive. Yes? And what about ground pottery or bricks (which I have used alot of) or hydraulic lime? Do these have a similar effect on the lime? My understanding is that they produce different compounds, entirely.

And you might be interested to hear that Amy (my wife) regularly refers to pozzolanic additives as pozzolanic adjectives, because she is finds them very exciting. It has something to do with being allowed to build up such modified plasters as thickly as she might desire....

Thanks again,

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