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RE: GSBN:McDonough

<x-charset iso-8859-1>?THE NEXT INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION is one of the most informative, brilliant
and hopeful films about the transformation of industrial and economic
activities . . . By showcasing the visionary philosophy and unprecedented
work of Bill McDonough with outstanding colleagues and a variety of
society's most influential institutions, the film is a critical educational
vehicle for changing our collective mindset to achieve these goals.? Anthony
Cortese, Sc.D.President, Second

 ?Prophet of Bloom?
Wired Magazine
February 2002

?...he envisions a technically advanced world of zero waste, where nothing
ever hits the trash bin and all materials, under a kind of karmic destiny,
can be recovered to lead productive lives over and over again.... [His]
contribution is that he is starting to develop the necessary technologies
that might make it all work.?
Read Article. >

 ?Think Green ?
Metropolis Magazine
August/September 2001

?They were?or should have been?strange rostrum-fellows: managers of textile
firms, directors of factories, executives from the world's largest
automakers. These "eco-outlaws" shared the stage with America's foremost
green architect, William McDonough, and Dr. Michael Braungart, his radical
German chemist counterpart, on the final day of a recent sustainability
conference?lions of commerce lying down with eco-lambs.?
Read Article. >>



thanks for your helpful reply. The quoted website is my best of the day. I
read lots of superlatives, excellent projects such as IBM building and NIKE
European Headquartersin Amsterdam. McDonough seems to have be received in
the White House during Clintons period. All excellent pr. Than he published
a book with a German chemist Braungart "Cradle to Cradle" and I wonder if
this work contains again the promise of a cradle of civilization. Quite a
overwhelming approach for a simple straw-builder. Did you read it, do you
know more about his "results" and findings. According Anke van Hall
(Duurzaam Bouwen = Sustainable Building) seems to be really charmed as she
interviewd William McDonough for her magazine. The Dutch collegues which
organise that symposium believe in high tech, most TU's here do. I am a
rather flexible person, but like to look beyond.

Best wishes, Martin

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Van: GSBN [mailto:GSBN@...]Namens John Straube
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Onderwerp: RE: GSBN:McDonough

Could he have meant William McDonough?  I would have thought he is a little
bit on the high tech side of the eco movement.
John Straube
Dept of Civil Engineering and School of Architecture
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1 CANADA

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Contributing to a symposium on renewable energies at the Floriade (Sept. 20,
02), Anke van Hal suggested to introduce a high tec straw-clay method,
developed by McDonough. He seems to be an American architect, lecturer etc.
Unfortunately I have no clue about his findings, whether there seems to be
some break through or new invention or not...

Any news about Mr. McDonough?

Best wishes,

Martin Oehlmann