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GSBN:Re: Query for Spain SB

G' day Balers

The following request is for SB in Spain if anyone has some
knowledge please get back to Andrew in 4 days if possible as
they are leaving Australia:

Thanks The Straw Wolf

         Mon, 26 Aug 2002 17:11:40 -0700
         "andrew" thegecko@...
         "john" huffnpuff@...

Gidday John & Susan,

I have been very interested in the strawbale concept of
house building.
Have read alot of books and have visited various web sites
containing info etc.
My wife and I have just sold our workers cottage here in
Brisbane and are now off to southern Spain to live.
Our idea over in Spain is to buy realestate (old cortajo's)
and restore them to re-sell.Our experience here in
Brisbane of renovating
has given us alot of ideas and we feel comfortable working
as a team.
We also feel there could be an opening for strawbale houses
given the style of climate that they live in (hot).
Do you know of anyone that has built straw houses over in
Spain and how do you feel we would get on with the
local town hall
(council) in regards to building approvals and engineering

My internet access here at home is only on for the next 4
days and we are flying out on the 19 September so if
you have any imput
please feel free to give me a bell.

Regards,Andrew Tyler