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Re: GSBN:Re: Query for Spain SB

Dear John and Andrew and Simon,

SB Spain is just getting started/organized.

Contact Rikki at rnitzkin@...
She has just started building SB in Spain and has some contacts.

There is a Spanish SB mailing list, but it seems to have some temporary
technical problems. Contact Simon, the list moderator at pieman66@...
to get enlisted. And give him some time to react as he is in South Africa at
the moment


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> G' day Balers
> The following request is for SB in Spain if anyone has some
> knowledge please get back to Andrew in 4 days if possible as
> they are leaving Australia:
> Thanks The Straw Wolf
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> Gidday John & Susan,
> I have been very interested in the strawbale concept of
> house building.
> Have read alot of books and have visited various web sites
> containing info etc.
> My wife and I have just sold our workers cottage here in
> Brisbane and are now off to southern Spain to live.
> Our idea over in Spain is to buy realestate (old cortajo's)
> and restore them to re-sell.Our experience here in
> Brisbane of renovating
> has given us alot of ideas and we feel comfortable working
> as a team.
> We also feel there could be an opening for strawbale houses
> given the style of climate that they live in (hot).
> Do you know of anyone that has built straw houses over in
> Spain and how do you feel we would get on with the
> local town hall
> (council) in regards to building approvals and engineering
> etc.
> My internet access here at home is only on for the next 4
> days and we are flying out on the 19 September so if
> you have any imput
> please feel free to give me a bell.
> Regards,Andrew Tyler