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GSBN:(OT)David vs Goliath: CertainTeed trademark?

Hi folks,

Apologies for the cross posts.

I'd like to ask a favor of all you good folks. We at sustainablesources.com recently received a "cease and desist" letter from building materials giant CertainTeed corporation for our use of the words "Building Solutions" on the main page of our website (http://sustainablesources.com). Actually, the phrase we use is "Green Building Solutions".

We feel that the trademark lawyers are working just a little too hard to justify their existence.

They've asked for a response by August 30. We'd like to ask you, the likely users of our site, to help us respond. If you go to our main page (http://sustainablesources.com), a second page will open as a popunder with a simple, two choice response (there's also room for additional comments, should you so choose).

Please submit your answers - they'll be sent directly to the trademark lawyers, and copied to us.

Thanks for your assistance.

Bill Christensen

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