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GSBN:Oh no, more TLS stuff!

Hello again!

I've been spending lots of time with my head buried in back issues of TLS,
and one of my favourite TLS things-from-the-past is the collections of
short comments on a common question from various sb hardcore-types. This
seems like a great way to get a whole bunch of ideas and opinions into
circulation, without the need for forcing any of you to write whole
articles. I know that many of you are killer one-liner writers, and others
can prove their wit and insight in a single paragraph. So let's allow those
talents to shine once again in the pages of TLS!

Questions for issue #40 (due by Oct 1):

On this, the 10th Anniversary of TLS, can you reflect on the past ten years
of straw bale activity? What do you see ahead in the next ten years? and;

What advice do you have for potential bale builders facing the daunting
task of getting plans approved, mortgages okayed and insurace obtained?

Question for issue #41 (due by Jan 1):
What are your best and most reliable strategies for lowering costs on bale
building projects?

Let the answers come raining into my Inbox!




Chris Magwood / Camel's Back Straw Bale Construction