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RE: GSBN:(OT)David vs Goliath: CertainTeed trademark?

Hi Bill
I just today received an agreement to transfer my web name to them for a small 
sum of money to cover costs.  I have done this to be a nice guy and avoid any 
problems.  I am a Canadian that crosses the border to the US alot (say 25 
times this year so far)and cant afford any blackmarks.

In your shoes I would not sign an agreement like they suggest because it 
admits that Green Building Solutions infringes on Building Solutions, which, 
as far as I can tell, it does not.  Any agreement should say exactly that, 
which would seem to obviate the need for an agreemnent (excpet it makes 
CertianTeed look good in court against others, which may or may not be a bad 
thing).  Also, their agreement may expire overtime, may be used to limit other 
people from using Green Building Solutions etc  Sooo, I would sign an 
agreement but be careful that it gives nothing away and does not harm others 
out there.

> >Hi there,
> >
> >Beleive it or not, I too have received letters from CertainTeed.  My
> >Canadian website is titled Buildingsolutions.ca.  Note Canadian site.  Note
> >that I just registered this site within the last year although CertainTedd
> >has had their trademark for many years.  The trademark of which they speak
> >is registered in the US, but I too received the nasty letter.  The blunt
> >force with which they attempted to protect their right rankled me more than
> >a little.  I am willing to change since I have little invested in the name,
> >and was trying to be helpful.  GSBN is now the second group of well meaning,
> >non-profit people whom I know that CertainTeed has bullied (not including
> >me).
> >
> Hi John,
> Have you heard any more from these guys?
> I'll be happy to hold out on agreeing with their request (a 
> no-expense license agreement so that we can use "their" phrase as we 
> have been) until you're happy too.  We can always gang up on them.
> Do you want to be the good cop or the bad cop?  ;-)
> -- 
> Bill Christensen
> billc@...
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