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Re: GSBN:straw bale test program


What a result!!!!  Up the muddies!!!

Just had a quick squiz through the preliminary results and I am not surprised about the lime/cement/sand.  Without the straw bale and the netting
cement and lime renders are not so strong BUT earth and chaff is.

May I offer you another idea for a render to test?  For moisture protection I am experimenting with the following mix:  I call it MMM [Maudie's
Magical Mix after my blind dog Maudie].

3 buckets Earth (60% clay 40% sand)
3 buckets washed river sand mixed partical sizes.
1 bucket lime putty (3 months old made from hydrated plaster lime).
1 bucket chaff (12mm avg. length of straw).

What I have found is as follows:

Cures a lot quicker than pure earth but a lot slower than cement/lime renders.

Zero cracking

No mould or sprouting of grain in the chaff.

Best of all rain just runs off the wall very little absorption of any water observed whilst it is getting wet and it drys out very quickly after
rain.  The test wall has been up for 18 months now.  I am using this mix for all three coats in our bathroom with a pure lime putty fine sand

1st coat 25 mm MMM
2nd coat 10mm MMM
3rd coat 10mm MMM
Colour coat 5mm  Lime and fine sand.

Appears very strong.

So Old Mate have a go.  I feel that this particular mix could be made available to rendering contractors and professional builders alike.  Premixed
and ready for spraying.  We are very close to actually marketing a Ganmain Golden Render Mix.

I am very happy with what has happenend with the testing and with Mike Faine (I have not got the results as yet) coupled with the results done by
CSIRO on straw bale and bush fires (wild fires) we are almost there with a sustainable straw bale building system.  Bohdan Dorniak will have the
reults soon and you should get a copy.  Especially for California.

Great work see you soon.

The Straw Wolf