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Re: GSBN:His Majesty's Lime Tests

G ' day Bill and Athena

> so what happened in the tests? your guess is as good as mine.  I think
> John Glassford and Bob Bolles paid off Tim Kennedy, who is running the
> tests for Bruce, to do a little sabotage.  I don't have any hard
> evidence, but with a little investigative work I would suspect we could
> dig up a little.

Innocent as charged but it did cross my mind! I too am surprised at the lack of strength in the cement/lime/sand render mix.  However no reo and no
straw to bind on to may have some answer and then again maybe not.  Could have been the heat?

Which begs the question, if cement/lime mixes rely on certain temperature and moisture levels to cure and earth/straw does not and earthen renders
are proving not quite as strong, but well above California code limitations, why not use earth as a preference?  By this I mean look at ways of
getting earthen/sand etc. render premixes onto the main stream straw bale building best practice list.

Early days I know but we are getting closer with earthen renders thanks to Bruce King and many others including Mike Faine in Sydney.  Bohdan
Dorniak and others including Frank Thomas have completed bush fire tests on straw bale and various renders.


So for many good reasons we should help where we can to get earthen renders accepted by main straem as the preferred option of render material.
Makes so much sense and once we have the water proofing angle sorted out and how best to keep moisture out then we are miles in front from all
angles.  Especially as we know are able to pump our earthen mixes on without any problems from first to last coat.

Anyway all that I am saying is that we should give earthen renders some respect and maybe even priority where any further testing is needed to be

Kind regards John.