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Re: GSBN:test results

While I am in favor of more tests, I have doubts about the use of hydraulic limes with SB, which perhaps someone who knows more can answer. Hydraulic limes form various compounds as they cure, in addition to the simple ones that we expect from lime plasters. They have things in common with pozzolans and portland cement, both chemically and in the sense that they set up soon after mixing, even under water.

Some of us like lime plasters because they are fairly vapor permeable, easy to repair, have a long working time, and can be stored wet for years. I know that the last attribute is not shared by hydraulic lime. I suspect that the others might not be. Can anyone comment?


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on 9/30/02 3:30 AM, Paul Lacinski at

Well yes, I find this just as perplexing as everyone else, since it
contradicts my experience just as directly as everyone else's.

Thanks for the note, Paul . . we're going to keep looking into it.
I just met with the local rep for a French natural hydraulic lime
(St. Astier), and they might be willing to spring for additional
tests, with better control, that would hopefully give better



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