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GSBN:Re: EBNet Plaster Test Results

Rob   "Just call me the James Brown of straw bale"  Tom wrote:

>  . . .  though the results were disappointing (from the Portland cement
> producers point of view) the tests results were useful nonetheless in
> illustrating the importance of proper curing procedures. Oui ?

Mais oui!

>  . . one item that was noticeable by its absence was a test which looks at the
> strength of the plaster-to-straw-to-plaster bond in a bale sandwich, for (1)
> bales on flat and (2) bales on edge . . .

Many hours were spent designing such tests, and then, agonizingly,
eliminating them with the budget pinch.  We decided that we would learn
inferentially about those properties in the other tests we will do.  It
ain't perfect, but that's what we could afford.

>  . . . Another item which caught my attention was the M2
> "Decay Properties" test. I think that it would be useful to determine what
>  species of microbial critters reveal themselves and at which moistrure
> contents/temperatures/exposure times they do.

Yes, and with your donation of a few grand (Murrican dollars, Rob) we could
do that.  The test as is measures decay by 1) visual observation, and 2)
measuring the production of CO2 gas (apparently a clear indicator of
microbes partying wildly in the straw).

I'll ask Matt Summers if we can identify the spores - he may know offhand -
but even then they won't necessarily be the same bugs that Canadian
moosehuggers or Lars Keller or Barbara Jones or Wolfman down under or even
Matts "ain't no bugs on me" Myhrman would get in Tucson.

Final note:  I nominate Tim Owen-Kennedy and John Swearingen to this list
(though maybe John is already lurking on the list, I don't remember).  They
are two of the premier bale builders in California, have contributed
enormously to our knowledge and fun, and, well, just ought to be on this

Do I hear an "Aye"?

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