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Re: GSBN:Re: Royal Nominations

Sorry about that premature epistle-ation.  Judy's laptop has a hair trigger.

So, again, aye on Bruce's nominations.

And, again, the next time some money gets generated, I'd propose that testing 
be done to measure the resistance to both in-plane and out-of-plane lateral 
forces of walls corsetted (some might say "exteriorly pinned", although if 
you don't stick the "pins" into the walls, have they been pinned?) with both 
one-half inch diameter rebar and with bamboo.  For comparative purposes, one 
would want to do the same tests on walls pinned in the traditional way with 
both materials.  I would assume that it would be acceptable to do the testing 
on wall panels that were loaded compressively to simulate a light roof load.  
It would also be nice, as a control, to test panels that had neither interior 
pins nor corsetting.  I know that some Canadian testing indicated that loaded 
walls with no pinning or corsetting were as resistant to out-of-plane forces 
as loaded walls with interior rebar pins, but I believe that no in-plane 
testing was done, leaving a big hole in the argument that unpinned walls are 
"as strong" as pinned ones, once they have a roof sitting on them.  Even if 
loaded walls did turn out to be as resistant to both types of forces, the 
question of pinning or corsetting would still remain an issue for walls, in 
either a load-bearing or a post-and-beam building, that were not carrying 
roof load.

Prescriptive codes for any developing system will inevitably become outdated, 
but are the only way to avoid the cost of engineering analysis being required 
for each building. So if we want to be able to update the code for 
load-bearing straw-bale, in particular, we're going to have to find ways to 
do the testing that will convince the code administrators that new methods 
can be safely substituted for old ones, or that certain requirements can even 
be dropped altogether.

How about an international "yard sale" hosted on e-Bay?

Greetings to all.  We're still hoping that Judy's health problems won't keep 
us form seeing some of you in Australia in December.