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Re: GSBN:Re: Royal Nominations

John Swearingen responded to me during one of those nomination flurries that
he thought he was already on the list, and was glad to be included.  Try him
again this round!


on 10/4/02 10:56 AM, billc_lists@...

> Bruce King wrote:
>> Final note:  I nominate Tim Owen-Kennedy and John Swearingen to this list
>> (though maybe John is already lurking on the list, I don't remember).  They
>> are two of the premier bale builders in California, have contributed
>> enormously to our knowledge and fun, and, well, just ought to be on this
>> list.
>> Do I hear an "Aye"?
> John has been invited but never responded one way or the other.  I
> suspect he may be of the "too busy for another email list" variety.
> I don't know Tim (or his email address), but if y'all think he's a
> good fit, i'll send out the invitation.