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Re: GSBN:testing

Matts wrote:

> I'd propose that testing
> be done to measure the resistance to both in-plane and out-of-plane lateral
> forces of walls corsetted (some might say "exteriorly pinned", although if
> you don't stick the "pins" into the walls, have they been pinned?) with both
> one-half inch diameter rebar and with bamboo.  . . [otherwise] . . . leaving a
> big hole in the argument that unpinned walls are
> "as strong" as pinned ones

Matts and all -

Bob Bolles did a pretty good test for out of plane load on a
bamboo-corsetted wall, and we test design folks have decided to omit all
forms of pinning from all tests.  That way, we won't compel anyone
henceforth to having to pin, and are confident that we'll get good
structural values anyway.

We still won't know for sure how much interior or exterior pins contribute
to strength, be they rebar or bamboo, but hopefully will no longer care.

That's the theory, anyway.

Bruce   "Theories? I got a million of 'em"   King