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GSBN:Re: [SBAT-1] STC of Straw bales

I'm trying to find the sound transmission class (STC) of a (typical?) straw
bale wall.  Do you know or have any good ideas where I might begin my


Katie Jensen
Austin Energy Green Building Program
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f. 512.505-3711

One of the best sources I know at present on strawbale testing is Bruce King's site, http://www.ecobuildnetwork.org/ . Click on the Strawbale Testing & Research link in the upper right corner.

I don't see any info on the site about sound transmission, so I'm CCing this post to the Global Straw Building Network list (GSBN -- Bruce is a member), which includes many knowledgeable SB luminaries, and part of whose purpose is to mull over and disseminate research results.

I recall there was some discussion of SB sound transmission on the list some time ago, including anecdotal evidence provided by the Straw Wolf's rock band or some such. Anyone have any solid numbers for Katie? Failing that, anyone have any good stories to tell? ;-)

Bill Christensen

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