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GSBN:Re: STC of Straw bales

on 10/10/02 8:49 PM,  billc_lists@...:

> I recall there was some discussion of SB sound transmission on the
> list some time ago, including anecdotal evidence provided by the
> Straw Wolf's rock band or some such.  Anyone have any solid numbers
> for Katie?  Failing that, anyone have any good stories to tell? ;-)

To my knowledge, no formal tests have been done to provide STC numbers at
various sound frequency levels (such as building engineers sometimes need).
We all know they're mighty quiet, and that it's hard to shout through a wall
to someone on the other side, but don't have the exact geek numbers as yet.

Or, if someone does, I would very much appreciate learning of it, as the
culmination of the EBNet test program aims to be a compilation of ALL
testing of ALL sorts done to date - by EBNet or by others.

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