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GSBN:Re: STC of Straw bales

on 10/10/02 8:49 PM,  billc_lists@...:

> I recall there was some discussion of SB sound transmission on the
> list some time ago, including anecdotal evidence provided by the
> Straw Wolf's rock band or some such.  Anyone have any solid numbers
> for Katie?  Failing that, anyone have any good stories to tell? ;-)

to which Bruce, King of Sausalito responded with an enginoidal
[paraphrased] " Nope. Sorry eh ?"

I don't have any "solid" numbers for Katie either but I don't think that it would be unreasonable for Katie suggest to her computationally-inclined enquirer that the STC rating would be in excess of STC 61; the rating for which a 6" CMU wall with batt-insulated/drywall-faced, 3.5" steel studs on *one* face, is listed as being, for the purposes of the Ontario Building Code.

Katie's suggestion wouldn't be unreasonable given that the faces of the CMU consist of approx. the same thickness & material that comprise the skins of a plastered SB wall, and 18 to 24 inches of straw should provide at least the same acoustic isolation as 3.5" of fiberglass insulation.

If a plastered SB wall were subjected to testing, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the actual STC rating were in excess of STC 70.

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