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Re: GSBN:Re: STC of Straw bales


In France there is a vicous rumour going arround that SB walls are a poor
sound insulator. Arnaud Cauwel wrote a report for his school of architecture
in which he claimed that straw (because of its low mass) insulates poorly.
No numbers or test data is given.

Lars informed me on the Danish sound test some while ago, and specifficly
stated that I cannot quote him since the info is not official yet.
However I think it is safe to say that the result of the test was probably
greatly influenced by the post and beam structure and that the results were
not very impressive (for as far as I can understand them :-) 'cause the
universe of sound is complex thing. I feel that a beam (to carry the floor
for instance) that goes through the inside plaster and sits on the ring beam
would probably give a great transmission of sound to the outside plaster
just next to the ring beam, circumventing the 90% of the SB wall.

And than there is the question of indoor accoustics. Friends of us want to
build a SB Art & concert hall, so they are also concerned about how the
sound will be for the audience and what we can do to enhance that quality
with the shape and surface of the walls.  Any hints?


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> Bruce, Tom
> There is a chance that we will be doing a test here regarding the SB
> acoustic insulation value. The test if executed will be in a test
> at the Eindhoven University normally used to test window frames so I
> that the measured values will till how well the test facilty functions. I
> am sure that a properly executed SB wall has excellent sound insulation
> properties far exceeding normal brick walls. What are STC numbers? We
> use this qualification here. BTW the test will incorporate a spectral
> distribution.
> At 12:22 AM 10/15/02, you wrote:
> > > I recall there was some discussion of SB sound transmission on the
> > > list some time ago, including anecdotal evidence provided by the
> > > Straw Wolf's rock band or some such.  Anyone have any solid numbers
> > > for Katie?  Failing that, anyone have any good stories to tell? ;-)
> >
> >
> >To my knowledge, no formal tests have been done to provide STC numbers at
> >various sound frequency levels (such as building engineers sometimes
> >We all know they're mighty quiet, and that it's hard to shout through a
> >to someone on the other side, but don't have the exact geek numbers as
> >
> >Or, if someone does, I would very much appreciate learning of it, as the
> >culmination of the EBNet test program aims to be a compilation of ALL
> >testing of ALL sorts done to date - by EBNet or by others.
> Greetings,
> Rene Dalmeijer