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Re: GSBN:STC for bale walls

Dear GSBNers.

As Matts writes below we have done one test in Denmark. A "field" test on an existing house. Only one test. No lab-tests.
As the results are not yet public and I want to stay on good terms with the Danish National Building Test Institute you will have to excuse me for not saying more right now.

I will though ask mr Official man whether I may let it slip out into the open.

As Andr? points out the results are not fantastic, eg just not good enough for a dividing wall between two semidetached houses, unless a thicker plaster layer is applied.

Yours sincerely

Lars keller

> Dear Katie and GSBNers,
> Last year I helped Lars Keller clean up an English-language
> version of a 
> summary of some testing to determine the "airsound
> insulation" of straw-bale 
> walls.  They concluded that the walls tested had an airsound
> insulation 
> value,"R'' w" (the w is actually a subscript), of about 54
> dB.  Lars should 
> be able to tell us all how to access this summary.
> Hope this helps.
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Lars Keller
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