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Re: GSBN: Happy birthday, Rob Tom

--On Friday, October 18, 2002 10:09 AM -0400 Strawnet@...:

Aha!  Yes, I add my best wishes to Rob but find myself wondering if
anyone has actually seen a birth certificate or other evidence of
his  existence and just how many such anniversary celebrations Rob
has thus  far experienced? Are there photographs...?

David (never having actually seen this mythical person) Eisenberg

David Eisenberg, Director
Development Center for Appropriate Technology

I have increasing doubts about my own existence In contrast, Rob Tom is among the most reliable and solid beings in my universe. Even if he is mythical. Or perhaps because he is. Either way, I'd wish him a happy birthday any time. Besides, I've never been good with a calendar.


PS. I have seen a picture of Rob Tom. In the sense that I have seen a picture that was labeled "Rob Tom." The only thing I know for sure about that picture is that it was mislabeled. I'm sure that fits in somehow...

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