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GSBN:emails and websites

Dear GSBN members,

Samuel Courgey, a French SB builder, visited us the other day and had some
great news. Samuel has started on the long road to get SB 'approved'. Fire
testing has been done recently, and interesting data (on SB in roof fire
test) should be available in a few months.

It looks like I will be helping Samuel Courgey to make a report, presenting
the international SB data and sources available, for one of those big
bureau's that 'make' the french voluntary (but without them no insurence)
'Building Codes' (DTU's). The report should be finished before the end of
the year.

Is it OK if I give them a copy of the GSBN emails and websites, or is that
'not done'? I ask this, because you all would be good contacts to sent them
to, and it would give you the chance to brush up your french before bringing
us a visit one day.

Let me know what you think.