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Re: GSBN:emails and websites

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<font size=3>Andre --  I am all for sharing GSBN information
--  I think it's best that you continue to be the link, however,
since you are up to speed with the network.   
You are also welcome to share test info published in TLS --  we
could put a package of relevant issues together to send to the
appropriate agency.  (Would be great to be reimbursed, if there is
any kind of budget....) 
regards, Catherine 
At 11:05 AM 10/24/02 -0400, you wrote: 
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>>From:  m.ep@...
(Coralie &amp; Andre de Bouter) 
>Dear GSBN members, 
>Samuel Courgey, a French SB builder, visited us the other day and had
>great news. Samuel has started on the long road to get SB 'approved'.
>testing has been done recently, and interesting data (on SB in roof
>test) should be available in a few months. 
>It looks like I will be helping Samuel Courgey to make a report,
>the international SB data and sources available, for one of those
>bureau's that 'make' the french voluntary (but without them no
>'Building Codes' (DTU's). The report should be finished before the
end of 
>the year. 
>Is it OK if I give them a copy of the GSBN emails and websites, or is
>'not done'? I ask this, because you all would be good contacts to
sent them 
>to, and it would give you the chance to brush up your french before
>us a visit one day. 
>Let me know what you think. 
I don't know about the brushing up on my French part, but I'm fine with
giving these officials the DCAT info. Hopefully, everyone else will be
open to that as well. 
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