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GSBN:Re: Aussie Fire Update

G ' day balers

Copied here an email form Iris regarding their fire.  Would
you put all queries through myself and I will keep you
posted once Chris and Iris recover and have some more news.
It would be appreciated thanks.

The Straw Wolf.


Dear John and Susan,

Thank you for your kind wishes and support.

The timing of this couldn't have been worse for us.  Chris
had to leave for Korea yesterday morning for work -this had
been planned long before.  He won't get back till mid
november.  In the meantime the first priority is for me to
work with the police and the insurance company.  And of
course, just because we were insured doesn't mean they will
approve a payout, and who knows how much that will be

In any case neither of us can even begin to think about
rebuilding or any other plans until the insurance is sorted
out and that probably won't happen before Christmas.

Thanks for rallying 'the strawbale army' - could you call a
retreat though please.  Messages with technical information
are helpful but we can't begin to even deal with them at the
moment.  Some emails are asking for detailed information
about the fire but we don't have any - the police,
firebrigade and insurance company each
currently know more than I do, and it will take quite a
while to put the whole picture together.

Will eventually let you know exactly what happened etc. and
what the next step is, but it will be quite a long time
before we will have any clear idea.